Police Department

City of Linn Valley Police Department

 In case of emergency call 911  Non-Emergency Dispatch  913-795-2666
Linn County Crimestoppers   1-800-471-8477

Police protection for the City of Linn Valley is provided by the Linn Valley Police Department with cooperation and assistance as needed from the Linn County Sheriff’s Department. Reports of theft or any other reports may be made during office hours at the Linn Valley City Hall.       City Hall 913-757-2926  

Police Department Location                              SupportOurPolice            

  22412 East 2400 Road                    
  Linn Valley KS 66040                                                                  

                                          Police Car

 Linn Valley Police Officers



Linn Valley Chief of Police 

Corey  J. Murrison, Appointed 10/01/2010

Corey Framed & SizedpdCorey Murrison sworn in




 Full Time Officer

Joe Rogers, Appointed 7/13/2009

Joe Rogers

City Of Linn Valley Animal Control

The City of Linn Valley has a leash law. The City of Linn Valley has a farm animal control ordinance. The City also has an ordinance regulating the possession of pit bull dogs and other similar breeds.
City license tags are required for dogs,  All dogs residing within the limits of the City are required to be licensed and registered with the City. City tags are due annually on May 1st. All dog owners must show proof of rabies vaccinations.  It is unlawful for owners to allow their dog(s) to run at large at in time within the City.  Dogs must be confined to the premises of their owners.  If a dog is off the premises of their owner, the dog must be under the voice and visual control of a person 18 years or older,  be on a leash, or in a cage, a car or other conveyance.

License Fees:
Nuetered or sprayed dogs- $3.00 each
All other dogs- $8.00 each
Three or more dogs- kennel fee- $25.00

Animal Control

Animal Control